DocPro Travel and Expense Automation Software

Travel & Expense Automation software integrates your travel expense workflow from end-to-end and gives you real-time visibility.

Manage Travel and Expense Costs and Boost Reimbursement Process

Employee travel is quite important for a company. But at the same point, it is tiresome to keep track of expense reports and records. It is easy to lose paper documents and they can be damaged while traveling. Hence, this is not always a reliable solution. Even when the entire paperwork is handled efficiently, it takes time to streamline and sort the process. The overall process is frustrating for the employees, waiting for their reimbursements and the department trying to track the expense reports. However, we’ve got an easy solution for you! A travel and expense management software – DocPro!

 DocPro travel and expense management software can streamline your expense management process and offer improvements to your practices and processes. Your business can use our expense and travel cost management software to process reimbursement faster, audit employee-generated expenses and keep a strict check on employee-related expenditures.

The software incorporated numerous capabilities for employees to input expense related approvals through a mobile application or browser applications. The expense management software automates and simplifies the business expense entries, reviews, eliminates paperwork, and reduces administrative efforts.

Expense management software enables administrators to obtain complete visibility of employee-related expenses and track employee use of available financial resources. The expense management software determines overall expenses, regulates excessive spending, and determines cost-saving opportunities. Expense management software is a highly integrated solution that comes with excellent services and solutions to the businesses.

With DocPro, expenses reports can be instantly generated. Your employees will help your mobile receipt capture, automate report creation process, and travel booking. Your managers will streamline the approval process. Your business’s accounting team will enhance expense policy compliance, streamline reimbursement and processing, and offer you deeper insights into expenditures.

Our DocPro Highlights

  • Auto-Generated Expense Reports
  • Streamlined Expense Handling Process
  • Approve travel plans fast and maximize early booking discounts conveniently
  • Allocate expense flexibility and precisely so that can be added to distinct projects
  • Reduce Opportunities for Fraud
  • Help Employee Benefit from Convenient Self-Service and Get Reimbursed Precisely
  • Avoid Errors and Vehicle Usage Expenditures
  • Handle Expenses at any time and from anywhere

Features of Travel and Expense Automation Software

  • Receipt Upload
  • Ability to split expenses between staff or days
  • Listing down expenses
  • Automatic processing to convert categories or receipts into dollars
  • Support to common expenses types
  • Data Entry
  • Automated reimbursement or payments
  • Automated approval and workflow
  • Fraud detection tools and convenient audit of expenses
  • Automated workflow to manage approvals and travel requests
  • Manage the overall expenses of a trip
  • Manage and track expenses at any time and from anywhere
  • Automated reading expense information and creating the expense reimbursements
  • Speedy adoption with an easy-to-use browser and interface, mobile-enabled features, and email.
  • Convenient administrative burdens with automated and process-driven expense submissions
  • The configuration of the approval process and allocate approvers dynamic and multiple workflow processes
  • Checking expense report status and actions required with real-time tracking
  • Alter approved expense reports to invoices any pay through direct deposit, check, or wire transfer

Benefits for Employees

  • No more manual reporting
  • Save time
  • Get freedom from paper receipts
  • Manage expenses in real time
  • Track expense generation report lifecycle
  • Make timely submissions
  • Streamline travel booking process
  • Obtain faster reimbursements
  • Enjoy efficiency manager approvals

Benefits for Accountants

  • Receive timely expense reports
  • Shorten processing time of expense reports
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Eliminate Data Entry Services
  • Streamline Reconciliation
  • Reduce Postage costs and office supply

DocPro from Chrome Infosoft is an easy solution for your business. At the same time, you can reduce the total cost of ownership as you don’t want to update or install, or manage the software. Moreover, eliminate start-up costs and capital expenditures with an AMC subscription for support, software, administration, and maintenance.

With the DocPro travel and expense management software from Chrome Infosoft, you can speed up the reimbursement process and at the same time keep managers and employees happy. DocPro lets you control more spending and use the saved money for vital purposes. It is great to improve employee satisfaction. It is because DocPro travel and expense management software makes the receipt submission much faster. Hence, the overall process is speedy and hassle-free for the users.

So, if you are searching for a reliable software that can help manage your time and at the same time generate cost-saving solutions, then DocPro Travel and Expense Management Software from Chrome Infosoft is a brilliant solution.

DocPro T&E Automation TE- flow chart
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