DocPro Records Management Software

Manage physical file storage by enforcing best practices

Avoid losing important documents

Track documents given out to employees

Reduce errors and rework

Quickly locate your documents and files

Improve productivity

An organization’s records preserve aspects of institutional memory. Even in the era of digitization, organizations are required to maintain copies of physical documents for various reasons like statutory, client audits, R&D records, manufacturing records etc. Records room operations need to be managed efficiently for quick and accurate response to requests from other departments. DocPro Records Management System (RMS) is the right tool for managing records room operations of any size.

In determining how long to retain records, their capacity for re-use is important. It’s an expensive affair to keep physical documents as you not only have to maintain all the files individually, but also maintain a storage space and hire professionals to keep an eye on those. Records management policy is necessary for any organization to know what documents to keep and for how long. The documents are stored out of organization to avoid stockpile. Management of records without any tool becomes tedious for accessing or retrieving any data when needed as the location of containers consisting items or items themselves is unknown.

DocPro RMS helps you to maintain all the details of items and keep all those in a central repository. DocPro RMS helps you to maintain accurate, reliable and useable records that can help increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the business practice.  DocPro provide systematic control of all records, regardless of storage medium, from creation to disposition.  It helps you sort out your records, enabling you to capture, store, control, and deal with the information the records contain. The tedious procedure of manually locating the item or searching for the location of item through records in registers is eliminated.

Authorized user can also track the capacity of locations, whether the location is occupied or more items can be added to the location. DocPro helps you create and manage workorder requests. Users get access to real-time data as DocPro RMS has features for updating information using processes like pick validate, delivery update and destroy update.

Considered a key component of operational efficiency, DocPro RMS adds more value to organization’s information assets.

For more information about DocPro RMS, Please download following PDF file.


Advantages of Records Management System

Manual Records Management

DocPro Records Management

Error prone processes. Increased cost of rework and lost productivity. Best practices are implemented implicitly when you use DocPro RMS. Improved productivity.
Important documents and files get misplaced or permanently lost. No fear of losing your important documents ever.
Searching takes time. Dependent on human memory or using spreadsheets which is error prone. Tracking of all documents at your fingertips. Quick Search and retrieval.
Highly dependent on the person in charge of records room. Prone to human errors. No dependency on personnel. System ensures processes are followed.
No audit trail available. Each and every activity is maintained in the audit log.
No alerts and notifications. Alerts and notifications for exceptions.

DocPro Records Management System – Features

  • Add, search and track items (files/folders/containers).
  • Bulk data import for new items, re-filing items, item and location movement.
  • Add items to locations, move item to other location
  • Easy retrieval
  • Information security
  • Real time access of workorder status
  • Submission of requests to Records Room by users

Benefits of DocPro - Records Management System

  • Organizing information for retrieval when needed.
  • Elimination of redundant data.
  • Long term retrievability
  • Protecting records that are essential to critical business operations.
  • Control the generation and growth of records
  • Increase productivity and accountability in the organization.
  • Cut costs, save time & efforts
  • Litigation risks are minimized using records management.
  • By providing easy and better access to relevant records, it helps in better governance and corporate decision-making.
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