Be-Spoke Development

Every business has its unique way of working, which gives the business a competitive advantage. The software applications used in your business should support your unique business processes. Accommodating your business processes to an existing software system has limitations as vendors plan for the software may not always align with your requirements. Using generic software will not showcase your unique brand.

Having a software uniquely designed for your process can not only meet your critical needs but also help you to leverage your unique business processes. Moreover, a good software uniquely built for your company can increase efficiency and can eliminate process bottlenecks as we develop custom software in an iterative fashion and in collaboration with your business teams.

Chrome Infosoft Solution excels in providing the clients with bespoke software that helps businesses to add value to their customer experience and services. With us, you can tailor the software as per your needs instead of choosing features from a package. We at Chrome, design software with the motto of achieving complete user-friendly applications that reduces the learning curve and motivate users to adapt easily to the software.

Our technical experts can manage and develop most complicated projects in a short period which helps you target users and achieve results at the right time. Integrating your existing systems with our software can enhance the productivity on the go.

Web Applications

Core business applications

Operations systems, Billing applications

Mobile Apps

Core business mobility solutions

Field Operations

We have experience of working on varied industry segments.

Following is the list of some of the projects that we have developed and implemented for our clients:

Logistics Field Operations with Mobile App
Budgeting and Forecasting System for Shipping Client
Express Courier Operations and Billing System with Mobile App
Warehouse Operations web application with Mobile App
Payment Collections System for call centre
Online Order Booking for software purchase for a software products company
Portal Development for mobile recharge, bill payments, air ticket booking etc. with Mobile App
ATM Replenishment operations and billing system with Mobile App
Loan File processing and workflow for Banking Client
Admission management web system for a marine engineering institute


Agile Development

Modifications are easy

Higher Scalability

No need to alter business process

Quick Integration

No dependency on vendor

Centralized Control

Enhanced ROI

Our Approach

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    Our experts discuss the existing processes with the client teams to understand their complete process and the problems that they encounter in their business processes. An As-Is Document is prepared and approval for the document is requested from the client.

  • Step 2

    Process Analysis

    Experts at Chrome analyze the baseline As-Is document to provide the best software solution to the client. To-Be detailed process flow document describing the best solution to cater to the client’s needs is prepared. The document consists of wireframes and detailed process flow with detailed project plan. Document is shared and discussed with client teams

  • Step 3


    After approval of the To-Be document, our creative design experts design the screen layout and framework of the application. Approval for the design framework is sought from client teams. We take special care to ensure that the design is user-friendly and drives efficiency.

  • Step 4


    Highly trained programmers develop the software rapidly in a short time. Chrome employs Agile methodology with frequent interactions with client teams during the development phase. Client approvals are taken at different stages and the reviews of clients are analyzed to proceed further.

  • Step 5


    Our testers are involved from the first stage for QA and QC activities. They work closely with development team and business team to ensure that there is no slippage in expected and actual results. They report the errors to the developers to maintain the standards of the customized application developed. All testing results are recorded

  • Step 6


    The software developed is deployed at client’s test environment for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Client users are trained about the functionalities of the system. We share the help documentation with the users to assist them in using the application.

  • Step 7

    Support and Maintenance

    Our support team is available for any assistance on the software. We continuously update our software to the changing technologies and keep our customers happy with incorporating new features time to time.