Transport Management Solution
    TransPro - Transport Management Solution gives complete visibility of operations for Logistics Companies.
    TransPro is a web based system that can be used by logistics companies for multi-location operations. TransPro gives you full control on your operations right from Vehicle procurement to Billing and collections.

  • Daily Monitoring of Vehicles
  •        - Track Vehicle Movement
           - Enter Vehicle Location
           - Integration with Telematics Solution
  • Vehicle Maintenance Module
  •        - Track Maintenance activities
           - Preventive Maitenance
           - Breakdown Maintenance
  • Inventory Module
  •        - Track Inventory Items (Tyres, Engines, Gear Boxes etc.
           - Serial Number Tracking
           - Attach Inventory Items to Vehicles
  • Loading Receipt (LR)
  • Billing Module
  • Expense Management Module
  • Trip Sheet
  • Driver Information Module
  • Reports
  •        - Vehicle wise profitability
           - Vehicle wise maintenance cost
           - Vehicle due for maintenance
           - AMCs due for renewal
           - Tyre performance & Tyre Stock report
           - Loan Completion Report / NOC / Hypothecation
           - Driver Paper due date
           - Vehicle Paper due date
           - Party Outstanding - Ageing
           - Driver Performance
           - Fuel Mileage Analysis

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