Application Support Services Enquiry

We provide services for application support and general first level IT support. Our engineers are deployed at the customer premises to provide the support services. Our support engineers are well trained to support your applications and the IT infrastructure.
We will take care of your day-to-day IT support services so that you can focus on your business without worrying about your IT support services.

    Developers for Hire (Temping Services)

    For customers who either due to business or security constraints would want to develop applications in-house we provide developers for hire. There are quite a few advantages that this service provides to our customer.
    • Resources provided as per customers requirement with respect to experience and expertise
    • No need for people to be on roll once the job is over
    • Quick replacements in case of a resource quitting
    • Reinforce internal teams for short engagements

      Application Maintenance Services

      At one time or another, most companies have performed some form of customization to streamline business processes. Over time these enhancements become a critical part of how companies operate but were often created by resources that are no longer available making it difficult to move forward. We provide Application Maintenance Services for such applications that are in your organisation.
      We take control of not only the maintenance of existing application but also any development / enhancements you would want done on the legacy application.

        Digitization Services

        Chrome provides the entire end-to-end solution for your digitization projects. We provide Scanners, Manpower, Software and Project Management Services for digitizing large volume of documents.
        Periodic reports for monitoring the progress of the project are provided. We ensure that your digitization projects are completed in time and as per your specifications.

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