Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise mobility is a term that describes a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. The term refers not only to mobile workers and mobile devices, but also to the mobility of corporate data. An employee may upload a corporate presentation from his or her desktop PC to a cloud storage service, then access it from a personal iPad to show at a client site, for example.

Services We Offer

Chrome Infosoft offers a full range of services and solutions to bring you a competitive edge and the best return on investment. With our team at your service, you can count on having the most efficient mobility rollout.

You may need assistance in formulating a bring-your-own-device or BYOD philosophy while maintaining the robust security your business relies on. To that end, we will conduct device testing and certification services upon request.

  • Our team will consult with you to determine the scope of your objectives.
  • We will develop the best mobile strategy to meet your organization's particular needs.
  • Chrome Infosoft team will be up and running with application and process frameworks to bring you IP-driven services.
  • Mobile application development.
  • Mobile device management and mobile device integration.
  • Re-architecting of your network and application systems as needed.
  • No matter what business vertical you are in, we have solutions to deploy immediately, getting you to market faster and more efficiently.
  • We have experience in using new and developing technologies, such as voice recognition, image processing, streaming video services etc.

    • The team at Chrome Infosoft provides enterprise mobility solutions in a variety of sectors, ranging from entertainment to healthcare, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, media, telecommunications and travel and more under the following paradigms:

      • Business-to-consumer (B2C)
      • Business-to-business (B2B)
      • Business-to-enterprise (B2E)
      • Machine-to-machine (M2M)

      We can assist you with various mobile business models, including pay-per use pricing, a free-to-premium method of app distribution and on-demand resource provisioning.

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