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    Database Management Services – Microsoft SQL Server

    You can't take chances with administration of the critical databases in your enterprise. For many, recruiting and retaining technical personnel is difficult and expensive, and database management services are operationally complex.That’s where Chrome can lend a hand. Our expert teams of certified database administrators do this kind of work around the clock, so you can let go of day-to-day tasks like maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting.

  • Database Administration
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Monitoring and Enhancement
  • SQL Server health checks
  • High Transaction Systems
  • Mirroring/Log Shipping

  • Database Triage Management Services – Microsoft SQL Server

  • Triage is a system used by Database Administrators to ration limited technical resources when the number of defects needing resolution exceeds the resources available to correct and verify them, so as to resolve the greatest number of defects possible. Triage services are needed when a critical database system has slowed down or stopped responding and needs urgent resolution so that the most important or high impact services are available to the users till a permanent resolution is put in place.
    The permanent resolution may require some time. We will help you to validate defect severities, make changes as needed, prioritize resolution of the defects, and assign resources so that your most critical and important services are up and running in the shortest time possible.
    • Prioritize and resolve defects
    • Validate Defect Severities
    • Change database parameters
    • Assign resources
    • Ensure critical database services are up and running
    • Suggest long term solution